About Us


Marcella Ellis, CEO and Founder of The Mane Vendor® is a Virginia based female business owner of Marcella Ellis Hair Studios and Marcella Ellis School of Cosmetic Arts. She has unveiled her unique hair extension vending machine which will change the playing field for hair salons around the country.


Hair care is a multi-billion dollar industry within the United States, which is set to increase year on year for the foreseeable future. For many years the industry has received a lot of criticism in the way in which hair extensions are being supplied. Korean hair supply businesses dominate the market space, earning revenue which many believe should be retained within the community.


“Having been in the hair extension industry for over 20 years, my goal in creating The Mane Vendor® was to empower hair salon owners nationwide, bringing the supply of hair extensions back into the salon,” said Ellis. “In addition to keeping the revenues earned from hair extensions within our local communities, it will also improve the customers' experience. No longer will they need to travel to a hair supply store to purchase their extensions before coming to the salon.


Marcella Ellis has created a vending machine which can be placed in salons nationwide, offering hair extensions and hair care products to be sold within the salon itself. The opportunity to own a machine is open to both salon owners and savvy business people looking to not only generate income but also support and revolutionize the  hair industry.